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Pra Ajarn Phob Chok

­­“Nothing is more important than helping”

            At the age of ** Pra Ajarn Phob Chok was introduced to Buddhism and since then, he became a disciple and has dedicated his life to cultivate Buddhism ever since. At the age of 38, he chose to give up the ordinary life of a person including his properties, assets and family in the course of following the path of a monk. He asked for the blessing and permission of his parents to leave home in order to be a monk.
Since then, he has been very dedicated and passionate in learning, cultivating and spreading the teaching of Buddhism. He has been given a Buddhist name, Ti Sa Wuang So, when he became a disciple of Buddhism. At the current age of 53, he started his journey living in the temple at Ratchaburi about 100km far from Bangkok. He travelled down to Chiang Rai one day to study Dharma. He realised that Chiang Rai was a the best place for him to study Dharma and he then decided to stay in Chiang Rai ever since. He lived at the first temple in WAT RONG THAN for 8 years continuing his cultivation of Buddhism. At the end of the 8th year, from word of mouth through friends, he came to know of an old temple which is was not properly maintained. The old temple which had no name at that time was given a name, WAT HYUA PLA KANG. The temple which is the present temple has been using the name ever since.
When Pra Ajarn Phob Chok saw this place being not properly taken cared of, he realised that he should take on the responsibility of developing it because of its importance as the glorious creed of Buddhism.

This tower is a symbol of Buddhism and Pra Ajarn Phob Chok is currently  constructing 108 of them around northern Chiang Rai. Each of these towers cost approximately 1million thai baht.

It is a spiritual dialogue between the giver and the receiver. 2 strangers not knowing one another but they will care for each other. The giver will grow out of this experience stronger and appreciating life even more for what it brings them.

Pra Ajarn Phob Chok built a house for this familyWhat you reap is what you sow. What you give today, you will receive tomorrow. you will feel rewarded for your gift.  

Nobody can stop the process of death but according to the Buddhist spiritual views, we all are part of the nature and we should live not only for ourselves but for the benefit of others as well. “Rescue Team Supported by WAT HYUA PLA KANG”

The Statue of Guan Yin Buddha inside the Pagoda

Statues inside the Pagoda

The vice Prime Minister Of Thailand

The Minister Of Finance Thailand

Thailand famous superstar Aum Patchara

These are the orphans adopted by Ajarn

These are the houses that the children are living, and there are not enough space at the moment. There are plans to build a 3-storey house for them to live in.

Pra Ajarn Phob Chok adopted these children some which are orphans and some are the children from families that could not afford to support and feed them. Ajarn teaches them to give Addiction Treatment Center Directory of Drug  ??? Don’t understand

Ubosot, which means the Buddhist Sabbath is currently being constructed for holy prayers, which happens four times a month on the full moon, new moon, and eighth day after each. We don’t have place to do the pray, that’s why we build it.?? ßis this needed?

These are the pictures taken at 2005 by  foreign tourists given to Ajarn Phob Chok

Everything happens for a reason, nothing happens coincidently. The same applies to the construction of the buildings. Law of Dharma – Nothing is more important than helping

Ajarn showing the plans of the Guan Yin that is going to be constructed soon. Its about 23 storey high and its gonna be the highest Guan Yin statue upon completion estimated  in 4 years time. Taking elderly into consideration, there will be a lift within the statue to ease the elderly.

Sample of the Guan Yin statue in 3D.